Sunday, April 25, 2010

Updates and Fun Stuff...

Well, it's been almost a week and a half since my last post and I've had a couple of changes to my routine. I'm still wearing the double side buns and am enjoying the super ease of the style. Its very low maintanance. All I have to do at night is wrap a scarf around my head and wake up the next day and go. The style lasts all week, which is great.

Last week, I was in my local health food store picking up a few ingredients for my homade whipped shea butter mix and I came across a container marked Neutral Henna. Well, knowing as much about henna as I do I knew that this was NOT real henna (no such thing as neutral henna) and that what I was holding in my had was actually Cassia Obovata.  Cassia Obovata is used to make your hair thick, healthy, and shiny. I've been wanting to try this out forever and have been putting off ordering Cassia Obovata from (I am so impatient when it comes to shipping!). So, I decided to give this product a try. With Cassia you don't have to mix it with lemon juice, just warm water or I've even heard of some curlies using warm green tea.  The first thing I noticed was how gritty the powder was and I got really worried about the grit getting stuck in my hair. Anyway, I gave this a shot and left it in my hair for about an hour with my micro heat cap. Turns out, the product did work well, but the grit I noticed earlier did become a problem. I did have a hard time getting the grit out, but was sucessful after co-washing, washing with my homemade shampoo, co-washing again and deep conditioning and rinsing that out and detangling. The clean up in the shower was a nightmare as well. Once I finally got all the grit out of my hair, my hair was softer, and my curls were a bit loose and seemed to hang better. I finished with a bit of leave in conditioner and applying my shea mix to seal everything and finally styled. Over all I will be using Cassia Obovata again but I will definately be ordering from I've never had a problem with grit from their products as their powders are as fine as baby powder and mix very well. I guess sometimes it is worth the wait.

Other changes. Let's see. I've changed my hair supplement. I've been using GNC Hair, Skin, and Nails formula and haven't been very satisfied with the results. My nails and skin are great but I'm just not seeing it in the hair. Even with the use of the Wild Growth Hair Oils, I'm just not seeing any results different from before I've started using these products. I noticed a small change at first but then nothing. So after much research (I have to be sure about what I'm putting in my body) I settled on trying Nature's Plus Ultra Hair Plus supplements. Almost every review I've read online were positive with very few negative (and by very few I mean 3 or 4 out of the dozens of reveiws I've read). I've been taking these vitamins for about a week now and I haven't noticed much (nor did I expect to after only a week). I have a 30 day supply and will make my final judgement after the bottle is gone, just to be fair. I'm looking to get a length check done so I can compare my lengths when I started taking the new supplements against my length after I finish the bottle. Hopefully, this will be something I can hang my hat on.

Speaking of hats, I was in Target a couple of days ago and stumbled on the perfect summer hat (gotta protect my hair from the sun if I'm going to be outside for a while). The hat was designed for Target by Euginea Kim and it's a straw fedora. Sounds weird but it looks super cute! Check out the pics below. I also got the earrings from Target as well. I'm addicted to their earrings!