Sunday, February 7, 2010

Search and Destroy Mission

Today I trimmed my hair for the first time since becoming 100% natural in Feb. 2009. I know it's probably a gross neglect on my part however, I was completely nervous about trimming my hair as I've never cut my own hair before. I was afraid of loosing length or my hair ending up unevenly shaped and so on. I was also afraid of going to a salon and having my hair trimmed out of fear that the stylist might be inexperienced with trimming natural hair or would get (as my grandmother would say) "scissor happy".

So today I finally decided to take a look at my hair as I've been noticing the little "fairy knots" at the ends of my hair strands. Holding my hair up to the light I noticed quite a few of my ends were a lighter almost transparent color against the light. At first I thought it was the result of my henna treatments but upon closer examination I noticed that the strands were split! So I had to make a decision. Fear the scissors and risk greater damage or put on my "big girl panties" and get rid of them in favor of healthy hair. So I went with option B.

Luckily, I normally cut my husband's hair and pulled out the scissors from the kit. Taking a deep breath I began my search and destroy mission. I trimmed as many split ends as I could find being very meticulous about where I chose to cut. I kept my hair in twists so I'm pretty sure I didn't get them all but definitely got rid of the worst offenders. After my trim I applied a concentrated amount of my conditioner, water, and oils mix to the ends and over the rest of my hair and scalp. When I finished I tool a look at the amount of hair I trimmed and quite surprised. I'd barely trimmed a handful of hair. Not bad for my first try, I guess. Again, I know I didn't get all the offenders but at least I took care of the worst. My ends already look better. So I guess the Search and Destroy Mission was a success. I'll try another "search" in about two months and if need be I will employ a "destroy".