Sunday, May 2, 2010

Styling Rut

Ok, I've officially entered a styling rut with my curls. I've been wearing the double side buns with flat twists in the front for about three weeks now. I'm kind of burnt out on this style. I do like it a lot. It's cute, simple and quick to do. It lasts until I co-wash and deep condition every five days and though my sweaty workouts. I'm wanting to give the twist and curl a shot again, but I'm not sure if this style will survive daily workouts. I've done a twist and curl style before back in the fall and it turned out well even after a workout. But I would like something that would last at least five days and doesn't require a lot of manipulation. With the double buns all I have to do at night is tie a scarf around the my head and untie in the morning. So I'm not sure what I want to do. Thought about going back to just tiny twists, or a single bun with various hair pins and clips for decoration. But again I'm not really sure. I would really like to start wearing my hair down and out and really show off and enjoy my curls, but I'm just not sure how. I've been stalking some of my favorite blog and sites for ideas but nothing has yet to strike my fancy. Most of the styles look really awesome on hair that's much longer than mine *sigh*. Anyway, hopefully by the time it's time for me to co-wash and deep condition again I will have come up with something. Below are some pics of some styles I've tried before.

Pony Poof. This was my staple style last summer. I gave it up out of fear of putting too much tension on my hair.

Twist n' Curl. (Fall 2009). This pic was taken one afternoon since being at work since 4:30am and an hour long workout. I think this was second day hair and I can't for the life of me remember what products were used in the creation of this beast lol.

This was taken last week. I'm rocking my double buns with my straw hat to protect my hair from the sun. Plus it's super cute and goes pretty well with the earrings.

I guess we'll see what comes to mind.