Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Routine Update...

Ok for about two weeks now I have been wearing my hair in medium sized twists and wearing up do's just about everyday. I re twist once a week and deep condition twice a week, with a henna treatment thrown in here and there. I also added Wild Growth Hair Oil to the routine as well, more for moisture than anything else. So this is what's happening thus far. When I re twisted my hair on Sunday there was a significantly less hair in the comb which means less breakage. My hair is nice and moist thanks in part to the WGHO and conditioner/oil mix. Styling my hair in the morning is super quick and easy, which I love as I am up 4 out of 5 work days at 3 am. Plus, wearing up dos (loosely) keeps the hair from rubbing against any clothing and getting snagged. I love the ease of twists. I haven't noticed any growth yet but the fact that there is less hair in the comb after a week of not combing makes me pretty excited as I'm keeping more hair on my head. So so far so good. No complaints. I'll probably keep this up for the rest of the month and on into March. Thus far, thumbs up!